The Only Way is Down

by Alyx Jones

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The Only Way is Down - Alyx Jones


You think you know me but you don’t know shit,
You get involved with situations, think that you’re it,
Just go around try and manipulate,
You’re a narcissistic prick with persuasion to hate,

Spreading lies and feeding off pain,
You’re a nasty piece of work, I’ll beat you at your own game,
Shove your silver tongue down your friends throats,
Line up the shots, inhale all the coke,

The only way is down, the only way is down,
You think that you’re sky high, But you’re on the ground,
The only way is down, the only way is down,
Keep your friends close and your enemies around,

You think you know me but you don’t know Jack,
Passing judgement while you load up on crack,
You make me hate you but I’m not like that,
Charm offensive, disagreement, violence and snap,

I’m hearing all your lies, the devil in disguise,
Now you’re in hospital for suicide,
Well it’s such a crying shame, You’re still breathing air,
Should’ve tried a bit harder, Should’ve ended it there,

You’re all up in her face, you’re such a waste of space,
User, abuser, you’re fucking two faced,
Beating on the girls, cheating on your world,
Colour’s bleeding through, soon everyone will know,

You’re squirming under pressure, you should’ve known better,
Men like you end up in the gutter,
Your act is crumbling now, your stories not straight,
Pull the trigger and turn everything into hate,


released September 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Alyx Jones England, UK

Game Music Composer, based near London, England.

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